A three year old boy has lost both his legs and seven fingers after doctors mistook toxic shock syndrome for tonsillitis.

Reuben Harvey-Smith received hospital treatment after he accidentally burned himself in July 2015.

Two days later he had developed a fever and sore throat, so his mother returned with her son to the same hospital. Doctors diagnosed tonsillitis and prescribed antibiotics.

The following day the toddler was extremely unwell, so his mother called a specialist burns unit for a second opinion.

They suspected toxic shock syndrome, which is caused when bacteria infect the bloodstream after entering the body through a wound or burn.

Reuben was then rushed back to hospital, but sadly it was too late to save his legs and seven of his fingers which had become badly infected. They were amputated the same day.

Legal action is being taken against the hospital, which failed to make the link between Reuben’s burn and toxic shock syndrome.

Had a diagnosis been made earlier, it is likely that amputation would have been avoided and a full recovery would have been made. The Trust has admitted liability.

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