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Episiotomy Stitches

Episiotomy Stitches Guide

If you have had an episiotomy after giving birth, what will happen to the episiotomy stitches? How long will they remain in place, and what happens if one or two of them work loose? We have put this short guide together to explain more about episiotomy stitches to put your mind at rest.

Why Do Hospitals Perform An Episiotomy?

The episiotomy is usually made to ease the delivery of your child. It is a surgical cut into your perineum which is made if the medical team believe that you might tear without it. Once you have delivered your baby the medical team will usually stitch the episiotomy to ensure that you heal quickly. However, there can often be complications with episiotomy stitches.

Episiotomy Stitches

Problems with episiotomy stitches can include:

  • The stitches coming away leaving an open wound
  • Infection around the area of the episiotomy


If your stitches have come away usually they will not restitch the episiotomy, preferring the area to heal naturally as you move about on a daily basis and the wound naturally knits together. You will be advised to keep the area around the episiotomy clean by ensuring that you wipe from front to back when you visit the toilet, and also to wash the area regularly. If you do become infected your medical advisers may prescribe a course of antibiotics (or more than one course may be required). However, generally this conservative treatment is all that is required to ensure you make a good recovery.

When Does Episiotomy Pain Amount To Medical Negligence?

Unfortunately episiotomies can regularly lead to medical negligence claims (often because the evidence did not suggest the need for the episiotomy in the first place). If you are experiencing ongoing problems we will be happy to provide a free assessment of your situation and explain your options to you.

Simply call us free on 0800 234 3300 (or from a mobile 01275 334030) or complete our Online Enquiry Form and we will be glad to explain your options and rights regarding your episiotomy.

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