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Tripping and Slipping Accident Claims -
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If you have sustained an injury following a slipping or a tripping accident, you need to take early action. These cases are often more difficult to prove than other personal injury claims, and early action and legal advice is essential.

Securing Evidence

It is vital to obtain evidence of the exact location of your trip or slip. If you have tripped over a paving stone or a tree root protruding through the pavement, you need to take a picture of the scene of the accident and include an item to scale and date it (such as a newspaper). You should also measure the height of the defect above the surrounding pavement.

If you have slipped on an item photographic evidence is again vital, along with preservation of the item that you have slipped on, if possible.

Examples of Trip and Slip Accident Claims

  • Slipping on a grape in the supermarket
  • Tripping over a tree root protruding through the pavement
  • Slipping on water leaking from equipment at a place of work
  • Tripping over a paving stone
  • Slipping on oil at a petrol station
  • Tripping over disgarded packaging at a place of work

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