Necrotising Fasciitis

If you have been treated in hospital and you have heard about hospital superbugs, you will usually think of C Diff or MRSA. Unfortunately there is another one which can be even more serious which is Necrotising Fasciitis. This is a flesh eating infection. If you or a member of your family have been infected, we may well be able to help you.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Necrotising Fasciitis?

Patients often complain of intense pain at the site of the infection although there may be no or minimal physical signs for the cause of the pain on the skin. The skin tissue becomes more swollen as the infection becomes more severe (which can happen in a matter of hours) and diahorrea and vomiting can also develop. The infection kills the skin and muscle by releasing toxins.

Treatment for Necrotising Fasciitis

Once the hospital believe that a patient has been infected they will usually start treatment with antibiotics immediately due to the speed at which the infection can spread. The tissue will be analysed and if necrotising fasciitis is found to be present surgery will be arranged quickly to remove the infected skin. The hospital will often need to drain the site of the infection and debride the tissues as well as administering intravenous antibiotics.

Failure To Diagnose Necrotising Fasciitis

We have seen a growing number of clients contacting us recently due to the hospital failing to diagnose necrotising fasciitis either sufficiently quickly or at all. If this has happened to you we may well be able to help you. Please contact us as soon as possible for further advice.

Need Advice About Necrotising Fasciitis?

If you believe that you or a member of your family have been infected, please contact us for early legal advice. All initial enquiries are completely free of charge.

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