Diabetes Medical Negligence
Diabetes Negligence

Diabetes Negligence

A parliamentary committee has said that diabetes care is “depressingly poor”, with the NHS failing to manage the condition to an acceptable standard. This is has led many to suffer unnecessary deaths and disabilities, which could have been avoided with the appropriate medical care.

If this is something that has affected you or your family, you need to speak with us without delay, as you may be able to take legal action against the medical professional or NHS Trust responsible.

Managing diabetes

Under the Diabetes National Service Framework, medical professionals must provide diabetes patients with a comprehensive care plan. This should include:-

  • Offering information and education programmes;
  • Helping to create a healthy lifestyle plan;
  • Ensuring a patient is controlling their glucose levels, blood pressure and is minimising other risk factors;
  • Ensuring a patient has access to screening services and is being monitored for possible diabetes-related complications.

However, it seems that medical professionals are not meeting this standard of care. The Public Accounts Committee recently came to the conclusion that the NHS is not helping patients manage their condition in the way that would be expected.

One of the most obvious problems highlighted by the report is that routine checks are not being carried out. Diabetics should regularly undergo nine basic tests (such as blood pressure and eyes tests) to ensure any diabetes-related complications are detected in the early stages, before the problem spirals out of control. But statistics revealed less than half of people with diabetes get all the nine basic tests they should.

This negligent care has led to patients developing a range of health complaints, including blindness and kidney disease. This has led to some 24,000 unnecessary deaths which could have been avoided had the right medical care been in place.

Does this sound like a familiar story?

If you believe your loved one's life could have been saved with appropriate medical care, or you believe your health problems could have been avoided had earlier tests been performed, you need to speak to a solicitor about your options.

This is because you could be the victim of medical negligence, meaning the substandard level of medical care provided by NHS staff has caused you to suffer injury. If so, you will be legally entitled to make a claim against the person or organisation responsible. This will ensure you are awarded a sum of compensation that reflects the pain, suffering and financial loss you have wrongfully incurred.

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