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Accident At Work Claims - The Complete "How To" Guide

If you are involved in an accident at work, you are often unsure what to do. Who do you tell? When do you have to tell them? How do you tell them? We appreciate that if you are involved in an accident at work you need fast and efficient assistance. This article is designed to explain exactly what you should do.

Step 1 Accident Book

You must report the accident to your employer so that it can be entered into the accident book in accordance with Health and Safety requirements that your employer must comply with.

Step 2 Obtain Evidence

In addition to this and as close to the time of the accident as possible (depending on your physical/mental state) you should also obtain photographs of the scene of the accident and protect any items which led to the accident. If you are not fit to do this you should ask a colleague to do so. This is much easier now than it used to be since nearly everyone carries a mobile phone with a camera. In any photograph, try to scale the image by putting in an item such as a newspaper or matchbox. Obtaining this evidence could be vital if you are to subsequently be successful with your accident at work claim.

Step 3 Treatment

Ensure you obtain the correct treatment following your accident. Attend your General Practitioner or your local Accident and Emergency Department so that they can assess your injury and treat you appropriately.

Step 4 Can You Claim?

To find out whether you can make a claim for compensation you must obtain an expert opinion from a solicitor as soon as possible. Often the difference between a failed and a successful claim is the length of time it has taken to seek legal help. Most good solicitors will provide completely free initial enquiries and will offer a freephone telephone helpline. Make use of this so that you can find out what your rights are following your accident at work.

Step 5 Starting Your Claim

Once you have spoken to your solicitor and decided to pursue a claim for compensation, your solicitor will start to obtain evidence to support your claim for compensation. He or she will contact any witnesses, obtain photographs and contact your employer's insurance company. The insurance company will decide whether they accept responsibility for the claim, and if not your solicitor will prepare the paperwork in time to allow court proceedings to be issued. Whilst court proceedings are often issued, in approximately 90% of claims a settlement is agreed long before a hearing date. The issuing of court proceedings usually speeds up the insurance company dealing with the claim.

Step 6 Medical Evidence

Your accident at work claim solicitor will obtain a report from a medical expert, usually an orthopaedic surgeon, who will examine you and assess the extent and severity of your injuries. He or she will also recommend any treatment for the injuries. The cost of any treatment will be added to your claim.

Step 7 Your Claim Value

Your solicitor will collect evidence to support your other losses and expenses, including loss of earnings, medical treatment, travel costs for treatment as well as your claim for the pain and suffering.

Step 8 Settlement

As mentioned earlier, most claims are settled by negotiation with your solicitor agreeing the right amount of compensation with the insurance company's solicitor. In nearly all cases, your solicitor's costs will be paid by the insurance company as well as your compensation. Once that has happened, the claim is concluded.

Accident At Work Claims Summary

There are many solicitors with expertise of accident at work claims. Ensure you choose one that explains the process to you in detail and one that ensures that all initial enquiries are free of charge and without obligation.

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