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We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service to all of our personal injury clients and are delighted when we receive feedback from them that confirms we are achieving our aims. We list some of our client feedback here.

“Great service, happy to explore new possibilities. Approachable, knowledgeable, understanding and empathetic.”

Natasha Harris

"Dear John,
I received the letter with both of the ceques in, Id like to say a big thankyou again for the time you have put in to my case, Id like to wish you and Glynns solicitors all the best for the future.
Kind regards"

Mr T

"I have had a most excellent involvment with your firm dealing with my case through John Gomersall.

I had previously been disappointed by a firm who did not seem to be interested past a certain point. I felt very angry that my injury was to be a victim of the little person against big business.

My husband insisted that I persevered and he found your firm online.

I explained my case to John Gomersall, and the fact that I was angry with the situation, and the principle involved and he took up my case which lifted me immensely.

I could not have wished for better service, I was totally kept in the loop,he was very understanding and reassuring. I think that answers your question of service.

The settlement was a big shock to me, I was at best expecting to be proven right in my claim with some amount of money covering my loss of earnings and that of my husband, but what I received was beyond my expectations! Just to add to this, I obviously would not have wanted to have broken my back in the first instance.

Would I recommend your firm to family and friends, without doubt!!!

I am just pleased that you got some financial reward for sticking with me throughout the case.

I found that your telephonist to be very professional and if she was unable to put me through to John and said she would get him to call me this did happen and not once was my message ignored. John was always very friendly explained everything to me and I always felt confident that he was doing everything for me and never gave up and always made feel confident. There is not a lot more I can say other than once again thank you for the excellent service provided by John Gomesall in particular and what you achieved for me financially and I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and all the best in the future!!"

Mrs W Cole

"I wish to thank you, John, and all the "behind the scenes" staff at Glynn's for the service I have received over the past two plus years. The service has been excellent and the advice has obviously been second to none. You took on a case that other claims companies refused saying the timeframe within which they had to operate was too tight. Glynns also mentioned this from the outset but took it on as challenging as it was. Not once did you dissmiss it as impossible or give up on me."
"However, what has impressed me most about Glynns and John Gomersall is that I have always been kept informed, either by telephone or by letter, of what is happening in the background. Had Glynns and John Gomersall not been doing this I think I would have been doubting that anything at all was happening and would probably have lost faith in you and the company."
"It has become obvious, through the information I've been given by you, that this is a long process with many hurdles and checks that you have to negotiate and perform on my behalf to ensure a successful outcome. There has been periods when little is happening but I have been advised beforehand that this is going to be the case. If, during these periods, some small step forward has been made I've been informed of it. Never have I felt that I had been forgotten."
"Thank you very very much for bringing me to where we are today. It's been a long time, something the adverts on the TV and radio don't tell you, but I am over the moon with the outcome having received a cheque for more than double what I had expected."
"Regards and very best wishes to you all. I'll not wish you success for the future as it's guaranteed if you continue in the manner which I have experienced since I first contacted you."

Mr J Whittle

"I have today received the cheque and I would personally like to thank you for all of your work over the past year or so."
"All the best."

Mr F

"I contacted you to find out if I had a valid claim or not. Once I had contacted you my perceptions and confidence went up as I was confident that I had some recourse to compensation."
"I would certainly recommend you."

Mr S

"When I first contacted you my questions were answered and the communication with my solicitor was very good."
"I was kept up to date with the progress of my case, and if I had any queries these were answered promptly. I was very happy with my compensation and would certainly recommend Glynns."

Mr D

"Initially I did have some concerns about the intial contact because we do have a lot of 'SCAM' stuff flying around the internet which did make me think twice about making a claim at all. Thankfully my concerns did stop after the first contact with John Gomersall. He has a very diplomatic and charming manner that made me personally feel I was in safe hands. The communication between John and my self was first class, he would let me know of any information I needed to know and likewise if he needed any information from myself I would send it to him at the first possible chance.

After having a bit of a 'tug-of-war' with NFT insurers I am pleased with the outcome of my claim.

Without a doubt, I would warmly advice your services if the situation did arise. I did actually send John Gomersall an email shortly before the claim came to closure thanking him for his experience and support throughout the time of the claim.

It was a big relief on my part to actually have contact with someone so professional and be thinking of my interests and giving me the feeling that if I did have any queries that they would be solved. Therefore I was at piece of mind throughout the claim period and once again my kindest thanks go to Glynns for all your help."


"I felt at ease after the first call with you. You kept me informed at all times and I am very satisfied with my settlement. I would gladly recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you very much for the friendly service that I recieved."


"Dear Mr Gomersall.

I simply wish to thank for forwarding the cheque in settlement of my claim, that I received today.

I also wish to thank you for the excellent service you have provided me throughout; constantly keeping me in touch with updates and offering advice. I have been extremely happy with the course of proceedings, and therefore sincerely thank you for handling my case in such an excellent manner.

I have received an email from Julie Glynn that I will most certainly respond to with high regard for yourself and your firm.

Sincere regards and appreciation.

Joanne "

"I did not know whether to contact you as I was not sure if I would have to pay. I wanted to find a firm that could act for me on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis."

"Your solicitor John quickly put my mind at rest when I contacted him. He explained in detail how he could help me and about how he could act for me on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis and sent me a leaflet to confirm this too."

"I was impressed with the professional and personal service, and was happy with the settlement of my claim as John had advised me what to expect."

"I would definitely recommend you. Thank you for your assistance in settling my claim."

Miss T, Work Accident Claims client.

"Before I contacted you I was concerned that I may not be able to make a claim as I had already accepted goods for the damage done to my items in the collision (a bicylce helmet, carbon fibre forks and a water bottle).

Once I had contacted you I was assured that I could claim as I had not made a claim for personal injury or loss of earnings and had made no prior settlement.

I liked many aspects of your service, my initial legal situation was explained to me clearly, I was kept informed of the evolving case and was asked to make decisions whenever necessary. Whenever I was asked to make a decision concerning my cases I was supplied with alternatives, a suggestion and the pros and cons, this was of great help to me as I had never made a claim before.

The claim proceeded at my pace, which was great as for a year I travelled around the world and was often unable to be contacted for weeks at a time and my responses were slow.

I was given great personal service and I am happy with the settlement I received.

Glynns Solicitors was recommended to me by my Aunt and I would happily recommend you to my friends and further family."

Mr L, Chew Valley.

"Thank you for taking my claim and the professional way in which I was started from start to completion."


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your hard work and determination on settling my claim over the past 19 months.”

Mr D, Birmingham.

“Before I contacted you I was afraid that I could be at risk, ie be regarded distainfully, or have a negatiave impact on my working future. I was put at ease immediately and felt I trusted my solicitor. I particularly liked the personal contact and approachable manner. I believe that I have received the best deal available to me and I would certainly recommend you to friends and family. Thank you. ”

Ms B, Bristol.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your continued professionalism and the consistently friendly, approachable manner in which you have handled this claim. This has made all the difference in a situation that has at times been very sensitive and stressful for me.”

“Once again, many thanks.”

Miss B, Norfolk

“Many thanks to you for your good sound guidance throughout the course of my claim. I am grateful.”

Mr K, Gwent

“Thank you for everything that Glynns did for us to achieve a successful outcome.”

Mrs H, Somerset

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“Before I contacted you I was afraid that I could be at risk, ie be regarded distainfully, or have a negative impact on my working future. I was put at ease immediately and felt I trusted my solicitor. I particularly liked the personal contact and approachable manner. I believe that I have received the best deal available to me and I would certainly recommend you to friends and family. Thank you.” Ms B.

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