Following her announcement of an additional £20 billion to support a struggling NHS service over the next five years, the Prime Minister has now acknowledged that taxes will need to be increased in order to fund this cash boost.

The Prime Minister’s funding announcement came after increasing problems in the NHS of severe staff shortages, limited bed capacity, closures of GP surgeries and overwhelming winter demand.

Last winter the NHS crisis reached such a level that operations needed to be cancelled and cancer treatments restricted due to shortage of staff. The additional funding is to be largely focussed on improving mental health provision and improving cancer survival rates.

Although it is currently unclear how the additional taxes will be raised, there is widespread agreement that the alternative proposed sources of funding such as increased economic growth and a Brexit dividend will not be adequate to make the proposal a reality without income from public taxes.

Concern remains that other areas of health provision such as social care are not receiving sufficient funding and that the proposed extra funds will not be adequate to produce dramatic improvements across the health service.

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