New data produced by King’s College London and reported by the BBC has identified the shortage of stroke specialists in the NHS.

According to the research, 48% of hospitals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have had at least one stroke specialist vacancy for the past year.

The Stroke Association has observed that “people’s recoveries from stroke are being jeopardised” and expressed concern that the UK is “hurtling its way to a major stroke crisis.”

Reports by the BBC further emphasise that the shortage in specialists may also be impacting on the necessary urgent diagnosis of a stroke as well as limiting the opportunities for patients to undergo specialist treatment to prevent permanent stroke damage.

Alison Brown, whose health condition was described as an ear infection and a migraine before she collapsed and was admitted to a specialist stroke ward, is reported by the BBC as saying, “If there had been more experienced consultants on my visit to Accident and Emergency, this could have been prevented.”

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