The College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) has revealed over half of senior doctor posts go unfilled at A&E departments.

Out of 699 specialist registrar posts in Accident and Emergency departments, 383 have been left vacant over the past three years.

There has been difficulty retaining A&E doctors after the training period was increased, with most young doctors choosing to go into acute medicine, general practice or anaesthetics.

Historic staff shortages

With 61% of specialist registrar posts unfilled, A&E departments are facing historic staff shortages. Doctors are stretched beyond capacity and waiting times have increased.

In a report, the CEM highlights that on average each A&E registrar sees about 2,000 patients each year. The shortfall has therefore denied A&E departments the ability to see 766,000 people per year.

The CEM says A&E departments have now reached “tipping point”. This is going to be particularly troubling over the winter months which always see a sharp rise in the number of A&E patients.

Poor hospital care

If you or your loved one has encountered poor hospital care and this has caused further pain and suffering, please get in touch with us today. As specialists in clinical negligence we will be able to advise what options are available to you.


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