World Sepsis Day 2020, which has just taken place, sought to highlight the impact of sepsis worldwide and increase understanding of this life-threatening illness.

Wide-ranging events took place across the world, both online and face-to face to try and spread awareness of the early symptoms of sepsis and the need for prompt treatment.

Incorporating the findings of a recent study into the global burden of sepsis, World Sepsis Day emphasised some stark facts regarding the impact of this terrible illness:

• Around 50 million cases of sepsis occur around the world each year
• 1 in 5 deaths globally are associated with sepsis
• Sepsis causes 1 death worldwide every 2.8 seconds – that’s around 11 million people dying from sepsis every year

According to the Global Sepsis Alliance, the study also found that most sepsis cases occur in low or middle-income countries and most occur in children under five years old.

In the UK, it is thought that around 10,000 sepsis deaths each year could be avoided with greater understanding of the illness, wider knowledge of the symptoms and earlier diagnosis and treatment.

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