Former Glynns’ client, Gill Castle, has just successfully completed her first training camp for her English Channel swim in August 2023.

The indefatigable Gill spent last week testing the icy waters of the Channel in preparation to become the first person with a stoma to complete the cross-channel swim. The gruelling week’s training included a successful six-hour swim which assured Gill of her place to swim from the south coast of England across the channel to France.

Gill’s latest project, in line with a dizzying array of previous challenges, is aiming to raise funds for the Birth Trauma Association, a charity which supports women who have suffered from birth injury.

Gill was unfortunate enough to suffer an undiagnosed 4th degree tear during the birth of her son, resulting in the need for a colostomy, fitting Gill with a stoma to provide bowel function. Despite struggling to come to terms with the turn her life had taken, and losing her job as a police officer, Gill was determined to prove that having a stoma need not prevent a woman from achieving pretty much anything she wants. The Channel Swim is the ultimate demonstration of that belief and of her courage.

A huge bonus will be the funds she raises for the Birth Trauma Association.

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