Recent reports in The Times have highlighted the increasing levels of staff shortages being experienced in a wide variety of fields across the health service.

With approximately 40,000 nursing vacancies nationwide last year, the report revealed that currently on average only one nurse is being appointed for every seven vacancies advertised.

As nurses continue to leave the service due to work pressures, this trend is likely to add to the staffing issues within the NHS.

With signs that GPs are also starting to leave the service, it was reported that there are increasing numbers of vacancies for both doctors and dentists with one person appointed for every 15 vacancies.

At the same time, it was revealed that doctors coming from abroad to fill posts offered by some UK hospitals are finding that their entry into Britain is being blocked due to specialism and salary criteria imposed by the government’s migration advisory committee.

As hospitals are having to delay operations and reduce treatment due to staff shortages, it is clear that this is problem that is already directly affecting the quality of patient care.

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