The NHS has announced that it is going to be creating pelvic health clinics across the country, aimed at supporting women experiencing incontinence and other related issues.

To be initially introduced in 14 regions, the clinics will bring together a range of expertise and services to address pelvic health issues in women following childbirth and in later life.

Midwives, doctors and specialist physiotherapists will provide support to pregnant women and new mothers to try to prevent, treat and aid recovery from incontinence.

The first tranche of clinics will be introduced in diverse localities such as Birmingham, Norfolk, Dorset, Cornwall, South East London and Lancashire. It is intended that these services will be available to women across the country by March 2024.

It is not uncommon for women to experience bladder and bowel incontinence following childbirth. The NHS estimates that one in three women suffer urinary incontinence, one in ten suffer faecal incontinence and one in twelve will suffer a pelvic organ prolapse.

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