As reported by The Times, a new study into the impact of management consultants as used across the NHS has shown that their effect is actually to increase inefficiency in the service.

Undertaken by the University of Bristol, and published in the journal, Policy & Politics, the study observed ‘a significantly positive relationship between consulting expenditure and organisation inefficiency’ and concluded that the NHS should be more ‘cautious and sceptical’ about its use of management consultants.

The study assessed data from 120 NHS hospitals and found that the average trust spent approximately £1.2 million per year on management consultants. Unfortunately, instead of this leading to improvements, it brought about greater inefficiency to the tune of over £10,000.

Nationwide, with expenditure on management consultants in 2016-2017 at approximately £263 million, that amounts to a considerable waste of money.

As NHS services are struggling and nursing shortages are increasing, the money could perhaps be put to better use.

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