NHS patients who undergo elective hernia repairs are being left with a life-time of pain because surgeons are not getting enough practice.

It is recommended that surgeons who perform hernia repairs should carry out 25 operations a year.

Currently most surgeons are nowhere near this target. One in five will carry out one hernia repair every year. The average is less than two a month.

In the South West of England, just 9% of surgeons meet the recommended number of 25 hernia repairs a year.

As a result of this inexperience, patients are being left with long-term pain. Paul Baskerville, a London surgeon, said:

“Eight to 12 per cent of patients going for elective hernia repair end up with chronic groin pain which they didn’t start off with.”

“You start off with something that’s a nuisance and end up with pain for the rest of your life.”

Have you suffered from substandard surgery?

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