The number of people dying from MRSA and C. Difficile has fallen, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In England and Wales last year, 292 patients died from MRSA, as opposed to 364 in 2011, representing a 20% fall. It is a similar story for C. Difficile, with 1,646 deaths in 2012, down from 2,053 in 2011.

Both infections have shown a steady downwards trend over the past five years after a sudden spike in the number of cases. Following significant media attention, hospital acquired infections were targeted by government policies and, in 2008, stronger controls put in place. Since then the number of MRSA deaths in England and Wales has fallen by more than 75%.

Hospital acquired infections are still a risk

However, hospital acquired infections still pose a risk to patients, as recently highlighted in North Wales where an elderly woman died after an outbreak of C. diff.

Ann Gregory, 81, was being treated at Glan Clwyd hospital after suffering a stroke. The retired school teacher soon became concerned about the levels of hygiene in the ward and actually warned staff about cleanliness. She complained to the ward sister that people were not washing their hands, despite the reminders on the walls urging people to use hand sanitiser.

Sadly Mrs Gregory went on to contract C. Difficile, from which she did not recover. She was one of 96 patients who caught the bug at Glan Clwyd hospital between January and May this year. At least seven patients who died at the hospital during this time were found to have the infection.

Along with C. Difficile, MRSA continues to cause fatalities in hospitals, often as a result of poor hygiene standards. Other lesser known infections such as necrotising fasciitis can also lead to devastating complications because medical professionals fail to make a timely diagnosis.

Have you suffered a hospital acquired infection?

If you or your loved one has suffered a hospital acquired infection and you believe medical negligence is to blame, get in touch with us to discuss what action you can take.

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