A quarter of people with diabetes are not being checked for early signs of kidney damage, says a UK charity.

Diabetes UK analysed data from the National Diabetes Audit 2010/2011 and found that 25% of patients in England did not undergo a urinary albumin test. This detects any kidney problems before function is lost altogether – a common complication in people with diabetes.

However, Diabetes UK suggests that only a blood test is being performed. This shows how well the kidneys are working, but the check-up is much more effective when carried out in conjunction with a urine test.

Kidney function tests are just one of nine checks which should be offered to diabetics each year. Together these ensure that any complications are identified and managed in the early stages, before serious problems arise.

Consequently more diabetics are suffering preventable kidney failure, with nearly 10,000 people in England and Wales receiving treatment for diabetes-related kidney failure in 2010/2011. Chief executive of Diabetes UK Barbara Young says this contributes towards the cost of diabetes care, something which makes up 10% of the NHS budget.

She said: “It is really concerning that a quarter of people with diabetes are missing out on a simple check that could identify kidney problems early enough to slow their progression.”

“Kidney failure might not worry people with diabetes as much as other complications such as blindness and amputation, but it can have an equally devastating impact on quality of life.”

She added: “All those people who are not getting this check are at increased risk of needing dialysis and ultimately of dying early.”

Diabetes negligence

If you have been affected by poor diabetic care, you need to speak to a solicitor about the care you received as your problems could be attributed to medical negligence. This means that medical practitioners did not provide you with an acceptable standard of care, causing you to suffer unnecessary injury.

To find out more about diabetes-related kidney failure and medical negligence, get in touch with us at Glynns today.

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