It takes almost three hours for a stroke patient to arrive at hospital after the onset of symptoms, a report has found.

The Royal College of Physicians analysed stroke care across England, Wales and Northern Ireland between January and March this year.

Their findings, which have recently been published, revealed the average stroke victim will get to hospital two hours and 49 minutes after first experiencing symptoms.

The authors said that more must be done to reduce the amount of time it takes, as stroke patients need immediate medical care if life threating complications are to be avoided.

The report suggested that better public awareness is required, while ambulance staff must limit delays to ensure patients are admitted to hospital as quickly as possible.

“Major improvements to be made”

The report stated: “There are clearly major improvements to be made in terms of reducing the time from symptom onset to arrival in the hospital.”

“This will require further campaigns such as the FAST campaign to improve the understanding of the public and also work with the ambulance services to reduce the time from call to hospital arrival.”

Lucy Wilkinson, senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said: “A stroke is a potentially life threatening medical emergency which is why it is imperative that people affected receive the highest standard of treatment.”

Delayed stroke care

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