A woman from Bristol has been awarded a six-figure settlement after the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) failed to diagnose TB meningitis for five months.

Clare Day first attended hospital on 23 December 2009 where an x-ray showed a shadow on her lung. She was discharged without further action being taken.

She repeatedly presented at the BRI over the following five months complaining of headaches and vomiting, but each time she was sent home.

Eventually, in April 2010, Ms Day was diagnosed with TB meningitis and emergency brain surgery carried out to remove fluid from her brain.

Sadly the mother of one has been left brain-damaged. She now requires 24-hour care, and her six year-old son must be cared for by her parents.

TB meningitis

Tubercular (TB) meningitis happens when an infection – normally in the lungs – spreads to the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and spine.

Ms Day was presenting the characteristic signs of meningitis when she sought medical help between December 2009 and April 2010.

Nevertheless, she was continually discharged without the medical treatment she desperately needed, causing her to suffer devastating injuries.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust said it was “deeply sorry for the delay in diagnosis.”

Elaine Nikolovski, Ms Day’s mother, said: “Clare’s life was changed forever after the meningitis and it is so frustrating that with different care things may have been different.”

The family was recently awarded a six-figure compensation settlement at the High Court, the exact details of which have not been disclosed.

Compensation for meningitis

If your loved one has suffered life-changing complications because doctors failed to diagnose meningitis in a timely manner, you need to contact a solicitor. You could be entitled to pursue a claim against the negligent GP or hospital.

Contact us today to find out more.

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