Professionals from medical, legal and patient safety organisations have written to the prime minister and the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, calling for action to tackle the delays in treating non-Covid patients.

Due to the need to tackle the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, diagnostic testing and treatment of many patients was put on hold.

As the backlog of patient needing what may be urgent treatment continues to build-up, health and legal professionals are highlighting the need for a plan to resolve this possibly life-threatening situation.

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients is of particular concern where a delay can lead to a deterioration in the patient’s prognosis.

In their call for action, patient safety organisations such as, ‘Action against Medical Accidents’ and ‘Patient Safety Learning’ observed that ‘we are increasingly concerned about the impact, including avoidable harm and death, which is being caused by the continuing unavailability of urgent diagnostics and treatment for thousands of non-COVID patients.’

They called for ‘the central and devolved governments of the UK to take urgent strategic action, including in co-ordination and co-operation with each other, to prevent this becoming a second and perhaps even more serious health catastrophe arising from the pandemic in the UK.’

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