In a new report, the BBC has chosen to focus on the devastating impact of cauda equina syndrome on two of its victims.

As explained within the article, if the patient does not undergo emergency decompression of the spine, the function in their lower body may be compromised or destroyed permanently.

Patients who are left with complete cauda equina syndrome can lose their mobility, their sexual sensation and the functioning of their bladder and bowel. The impact on a person’s life can, understandably, be utterly shocking, both physically and psychologically.

If the red flag symptoms of cauda equina syndrome are missed by medical professionals, then the patients will not get the emergency MRI and surgery they may need.

Catrina Farnell, interviewed by the BBC, now relies on a wheelchair and crutches rather than pursuing the dance career she had planned.

Inevitably, it is not just a matter of human suffering. John Reynard, the surgeon interviewed in the article, estimates that medical negligence relating to this appalling condition may be costing the NHS in the region of £150 to £200 million each year.

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