Last week we celebrated International Nurses Day, an opportunity to pause and recognise the hard and selfless work carried out by nurses right across the world.

This year it is a particularly poignant moment to reflect on the debt we all owe to those who willingly face the threat of Covid-19 every day in almost every country across the world to try to protect the health of others.

In communities restricted by lockdown, health workers have continued to go to work to care for those who have succumbed to infection – and some have paid the ultimate price.

Nurses in the UK, where there are thousands of nursing vacancies, work under considerable pressure. Extraordinary and inspiring then, that the NHS is experiencing a surge of interest in this difficult but rewarding job.

All health workers across the country deserve our admiration and respect, not just at this difficult time, but in less demanding times also when, nonetheless, we continue to rely on them for their care of our health.

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