As the General Election looms, all three main parties are making it clear that they view reviving the NHS as a major aspect of their plans.

Following years of reduced spending on the NHS, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and The Conservatives are all pledging a significant increase in year on year spending over the next five years.

The Labour Party is currently making the most generous pledge by proposing an annual budget for the NHS of £155 billion by 2023-24, focusing on measures to reduce waiting times for patients as well as tackling the current problems in mental health care.

The Liberal Democrats have recently announced their plans to use an additional 1p income tax rise to fund increased spending of £35 billion per year. This would target the current staff shortages as well as addressing problems in social care and public health.

The current government has already stated its intention to increase investment in infrastructure by building new hospitals and training more GPs.

Recent statistics have emphasised the growing crisis within the NHS with increasing waiting times and considerable staff shortages threatening patient care.

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