During 2019, the problems faced by the NHS continued to increase as demand outstripped the available provision. The service lacks thousands of nurses and GP practices are closing, increasing waiting times and delaying the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions.

The Queen’s Speech late last month promised that the new government would take steps to ‘grow and support the National Health Service’s workforce’ as well as ‘enshrine in law’ the proposed increase in health care funding.

In their election manifesto, the Conservative party proposed more detailed plans to try to resolve some of the NHS’s on-going problems.

• Additional funding of £33.9 billion for the National Health Service by 2023-24
• Funding for 20 hospitals to be upgraded
• Funding for 6 new hospitals with seed funding towards a further 34 new hospitals
• Boosting staff numbers including nurses, GPs and other primary care staff
• Opening five new medical schools
• Increasing the number of GP appointments available by 15% through additional funding
• Improving cancer detection rates through the provision of additional specialised equipment

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