An analysis of a new report by NHS Providers – Tough Task: The NHS delivering for patients and staff in 2018/19 – has expressed significant concerns as to the ability of the health service to achieve the targets being set for it by the government.

On its own website, the organisation had the following observations to make:

‘Plans for the NHS for the coming year look impossible to deliver…Patients’ experience of care will continue to fall below the standards trusts consider acceptable, with growing risks to quality and safety, adding to the burden on an already hard-pressed workforce.’

Areas of particular concern, as ever, focus on lack of bed space, associated increased waiting times and staff shortages.

These problems are expected to continue to affect all areas of the health service including mental health care, ambulance trusts and social care settings.

Medical Negligence

Continuing shortages of staff and beds can impact severely on a patient’s experience of care and the long-term outcome of their illness.

If you or a loved one have suffered significantly due to delayed diagnosis or treatment, contact us to discuss your experience with a specialist medical negligence solicitor.

You may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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