Lawyers acting for the NHS are needlessly delaying claims, wasting millions and putting families “through hell”, experts say.

A recent article in the Sunday People revealed the amount set aside for the NHS Litigation Authority – the organisation which defends claims against the NHS – is £56billion. That is almost half the entire NHS budget.

Now experts have said the staggering cost of legal claims is being fuelled by the actions of the NHS Litigation Authority, whose reluctance to settle claims is causing needless delays and increasing costs.

This was the experience of Clare Wadey who waited for four years for her claim to conclude, despite the NHS acknowledging that errors had been made.

She said: “My case was never about money – I wanted them to say sorry. In the first letter they sent me they admitted they had done wrong. So how come it took four years for them to settle?”

Peter Walsh, chief executive of the charity Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA), said: “Families are being put through hell. If the NHS investigated these incidents properly at the beginning they would know they’re liable and should offer to settle cases much earlier.”

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