Two on-going scientific studies, recently reported in The Times, are suggesting that Type 1 diabetes and some forms of cancer may be treatable in the future.

Type 1 Diabetes

Research currently being undertaken by Cardiff University in conjunction with King’s College London, has shown that not only is peptide immunotherapy safe to use on patients with type 1 diabetes but that it may also improve their ability to produce their own insulin.

Type 1 diabetes, which affects approximately 400,000 people in the UK is caused by an immune system dysfunction which allows insulin-producing cells to be destroyed. Researchers are trying to target those areas of the immune system which cause diabetes without reducing the effectiveness of the immune system overall to protect the patient against disease.

Cancer Research

In an altogether different field, researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research, with colleagues from the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust have been working with international colleagues to assess the efficacy of a targeted cancer drug.

The results have shown that some patients with advanced and aggressive forms of cancer of the gut and stomach have survived for ten years and beyond with the drug Imatinib. This suggests that other gene-targeted forms of chemotherapy may offer solutions to a wider range of cancers in the future.

Substandard Medical Care

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