The publication of the Cumberlege Review this month follows two years of analysing the evidence around the claims of hundreds of women whose lives and families have been adversely affected by three medical treatments or procedures.

Concerns about the medical use of Primodos, sodium valproate and pelvic mesh have been expressed by campaigners believing them to be responsible for a range of severe problems.

Primodos was used as a test for pregnancy during the 1960sand 70s but has been linked with the birth of babies with a range of deformities.

Pelvic mesh, used in the treatment of pelvic prolapse, has long been regarded as the cause of chronic pain in many of the women in whom it has been used.

Sodium valproate, a treatment for epilepsy has, like Primodos, been associated with the birth of babies with a range of problems.

The review, led by Baroness Cumberlege, has made a number of recommendations including the appointment of a Patient Safety Commissioner, as well as the establishment of schemes to support the financial needs of those affected, both historically and in the future.

It also recommends the establishment of processes to minimise the risk of future damage to patients through the use of medical interventions.

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