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Cauda Equina
Bladder Incontinence and CES Compensation

Bladder Incontinence and CES Compensation

Symptoms related to the functioning of your bladder are frequently a fundamental issue in patients with cauda equina syndrome.

Someone suffering with or developing cauda equina syndrome will be experiencing compression of the cauda equina nerves in the lumbar region of the back. Since these nerves control the bladder, any loss of function of the nerves will affect the ability of the bladder to work properly. This can result in a variety of symptoms such as the following:

  • Having to strain to start urinating
  • Altered flow when urinating
  • Inability to urinate (retention of urine)
  • Loss of awareness of needing to urinate
  • Unable to prevent urination (incontinence)

The presence of urinary symptoms is a red flag symptom of cauda equina syndrome and should alert medical professional to the possible need for an emergency MRI and emergency surgery.

The extent of urinary dysfunction at the time of surgery for cauda equine syndrome also appears to be indicative of how likely the patient is to recover the function they have lost.

A patient who may be experiencing some urinary changes but still has some control and awareness of needing to urinate would appear to be more likely to make a better recovery overall than a patient who has completely lost feeling in the bladder and may be urinating without control.

It is crucial, therefore, that, whenever possible, a patient who is starting to experience urinary symptoms undergoes an MRI scan as soon as possible in order to clarify whether or not emergency surgery is necessary.

In the circumstances where emergency surgery is considered to be necessary, it should take place within a matter of hours in order to give the patient the best possible outcome. This level of urgency emphasises how important it is for medical professional to consider the possibility of a cauda equina syndrome diagnosis in patient who are suffering lower back and leg pain.

Unfortunately, many of our clients have suffered shocking, long-term symptoms simply because cauda equina syndrome does not appear to have been considered as a possible explanation for their symptoms. By the time it was finally diagnosed, despite the patient suffering red flag symptoms, it was too late for surgery to make a significant difference.

Making a compensation claim

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