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Pot Hole Tripping Accident

Pamela contacted Glynns a few weeks after breaking her leg in a tripping accident on a public highway. She was on holiday in the West Country at the time and whilst walking on the main road through a country village (there was no pavement on either side of the road at that particular point), she lost her footing in a large pothole and fell to the ground, breaking her leg in the process.

We carried out enquiries and obtained good quality photographs of the scene of the accident before contacting the local authority. Whilst they were not particularly swift in their response, they accepted responsibility for failing to maintain the road within three months of us contacting them.

We obtained medical evidence to confirm the extent of our client's injuries from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in Scotland where Pamela lived. He confirmed that Pamela would most likely have made a full recovery from her broken leg within approximately two years of the accident taking place.

We settled Pamela's claim just over nine months after she contacted us for £4,000.00.

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