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PEDESTRIAN Scaffolding Accident
Pedestrian Scaffolding Accident

Helen, our client, sustained a nasty and upsetting injury whilst she was on a shopping trip to London.

Whilst standing on the pavement waiting to cross the main road, Helen was struck on the head by a scaffolding board which had been propped up against a nearby wall and which had blown down due to the high winds that day.

Helen was knocked to the floor and helped to her feet by one of the workmen employed by the company that was responsible for the scaffolding board. Helen sustained a laceration to her forehead and shortly after began to suffer from pain in her neck and the back of her head as well as in her right knee.

We contacted the insurance company responsible within two months of the accident taking place and they soon accepted responsibility for it. The majority of Helen's physical symptoms settled within a few days of the accident, although our medical expert was of the opinion that her neck symptoms would resolve within approximately one year of the accident taking place.

The scar on Helen's forehead was, fortunately, not particularly significant and was covered by her hair.

We negotiated a settlement of the claim within twelve months of the accident taking place for the sum of £3,500.00 which Helen received in full.

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