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Petrol Station Accident Claim
Petrol Station Accident Claim

Our client was operating the jet wash at his local petrol station in the process of cleaning his car. He had parked his vehicle slightly to the side of the drainage sump before proceeding to wash it. Whilst in the process of washing his car, our client stepped back slightly and his left foot fell between the edge of the sump and first bar of the grille which covered the sump. Our client's leg became trapped and the emergency services had to be called out to release him.

As a result of this accident, our client sustained some abrasions to his head, together with quite severe swelling and bruising to the inside of the left knee, left ankle and mid thigh.

Our client instructed us with regard to the claim, whereupon not only were we able to secure an early admission of liability, followed thereafter by an award of £2,000.00 for his injuries, but, in addition, since our client's accident the jet wash area of the garage in question has been significantly modified to ensure that customers' cars can only be parked over the sump, therefore eliminating the risk of similar accidents happening in the future.

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