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Cauda Equina Compensation Amounts
Cauda Equina Compensation Amounts

Compensation Amounts For Medical Negligence UK Cauda Equina

If you make a cauda equina claim, how much compensation will you receive? In this article we explore the question in more detail, helping you ascertain how much you might be awarded.

Compensation amounts for cauda equina UK

If you have suffered a poor outcome after cauda equina syndrome because doctors delayed your decompression surgery, you could be entitled to pursue a medical compensation claim. Surgery is needed within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. If a patient tells a doctor about their symptoms but decompression is not achieved within 48 hours, there could be a case of negligence.

Speak to a solicitor

Therefore the first step is to contact a medical negligence solicitor to find out if you can make a claim. A solicitor will listen to the details of your care before suggesting whether the option of making a claim is available to you. If so, you must decide whether or not you would like to proceed. There are different methods of funding available, including 'no win no fee' agreements, which make medical negligence claims financially viable for everyone.

How much compensation will I get?

If you can make a claim, you will also want to know the amount of cauda equina compensation payouts. It is difficult to pinpoint a precise figure, as the final sum of compensation will depend upon the evidence your solicitor collects during the course of your claim. Your compensation settlement will be determined by the extent of your current injuries, and the extent of your financial loss. However, we can look at the factors that determine the cauda equina compensation payouts.

How will my compensation be calculated?

Your compensation settlement is made up of:

  • General damages - which reflect your past and future pain and suffering.
  • Special damages - which reflect your past and future financial losses

Your solicitor will ask a barrister to suggest what your general damages should be. When giving this advice, your barrister will consider your witness statement and your medical expert reports (you will be examined by medical experts during the course of your claim). The injuries you have will be compared against legal guidelines and an appropriate sum put forward.

Your solicitor will calculate your special damages in a document called a Schedule of Special Damages. You will be asked to assist with this document by providing receipts, pay slips and other such evidence.

Cauda equina compensation amounts

Whilst it is not possible to say exactly how large a compensation payout you will receive, often cauda equina compensation can be many tens of thousands of pounds or even hundreds of thousands. To discover how much compensation you might receive for a successful cauda equina claim, you should speak with one of our specialist solicitors.

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