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Necrotising Fasciitis
Claiming Compensation for Delayed Diagnosis of Fournier's Gangrene

Claiming Compensation for Delayed Diagnosis of Fournier's Gangrene

A prompt diagnosis of fournier's gangrene, or necrotising fasciitis of the genital region, is essential if the patient is to experience a positive outcome.

A delay in diagnosis and treatment can cause the patient to suffer appalling long-term problems due to both the severity and virulence of the infection but also due to the extensive surgical debridement necessary to halt the spread of infection.

Fournier's gangrene

The location of fournier's gangrene, being around the perineal area and the genitals, means that the long-term consequences can be severe. Loss of tissue in that area can affect the patient's sexual function. If delays in diagnosis and treatment occur, it can also cause permanent damage to bowel function and the possible need for the amputation of a limb.


The diagnosis of fournier's gangrene requires a familiarity with the symptoms and a willingness to refer the patient for further investigation in the case of uncertainty. A reluctance to consider the possibility of a severe soft-tissue infection can leave the patient vulnerable to this appalling illness and all its potential associated problems.

The long-term impact of a necrotising fasciitis infection is not restricted to the practical and physical problems caused by tissue damage and surgical debridement. There is often also significant psychological damage caused by the severity of the infection and the necessary treatment as well as the likely financial impact when the patient is unable to work for a period of time or, possibly, is restricted permanently in what employment they can undertake.

Symptoms suggestive of fournier's gangrene

The patient may be experiencing pain and itching in the genital area as well as a high temperature. As their condition worsens they may become confused and suffer a loss of blood pressure.

It is also essential to consider any risk factors which might indicate that the patient is susceptible to soft-tissue infections.

Risk factors for fournier's gangrene

  • Having a weakened immune system which could be due to pre-existing conditions or the impact of medical treatment
  • Suffering from diabetes
  • Being overweight
  • Being male
  • The presence of pressure sores or an abscess

A failure to consider these factors, leading to a misdiagnosis, might be regarded as poor quality care.

Medical negligence

A failure to consider fournier's gangrene or necrotising fasciitis as a diagnosis when faced with the possible symptoms might be regarded as negligent.

A failure to refer for timely investigation may be considered to be substandard care.

If the patient suffers a poor long-term outcome because their diagnosis and treatment were delayed unnecessarily, it might be appropriate to make a claim for compensation.

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