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Cauda Equina Misdiagnosis
Repeated Referral Failings Lead to Over £1,000,000 Compensation

Repeated Referral Failings Lead to Over £1,000,000 Compensation

Monica's life has been turned upside-down by the failure to diagnose her cauda equina syndrome. Despite repeatedly visiting her GP surgery with symptoms of this shocking condition, she was constantly sent home with pain relief rather than the emergency referral she needed.

With pain in her lower back, Monica visited the GP surgery where she was given pain relief.

Instead of resolving her pain, Monica's symptoms continued to deteriorate with the pain starting to spread to her buttocks and all the way down to her left foot. Despite Monica observing that her urinary and buttock sensation were impaired, the GP felt it was not necessary to make an emergency MRI referral for her. The symptoms Monica was describing should have warranted an emergency MRI scan followed by emergency surgery to decompress her cauda equina nerves.

Attending the surgery again a few days later, it was noted that Monica's symptoms had now spread to her right side. Despite bilateral symptoms being a sign of possible cauda equina dysfunction, only a routine referral was made and Monica returned home.

Yet again, Monica returned to her local surgery the following day. Her pain was becoming unbearable. Despite the fact that she had already told her GP that she was experiencing some urinary leakage, which is a possible indicator of cauda equina syndrome, it was another five days before the GP surgery attempted to speed up her referral.

When a patient has been diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome, they are likely to require emergency or urgent surgery. A delay of five days can bring about a catastrophic outcome of double incontinence.

Monica finally underwent an MRI scan which, indeed, showed that her cauda equina nerves were being compressed. As is often necessary, Monica then underwent decompression surgery later that same day where a 'massive' disc prolapse was noted.

Sadly, Monica's surgery was too late to bring about the recovery she hoped for and she has been left with highly-debilitating symptoms.

She now experiences problems with both her bladder and her bowel as well as suffering continuing pain and loss of mobility. Had she been referred for an MRI scan in a more appropriate and timely manner, it is unlikely that she would now be suffering these appalling symptoms.

Glynns supported Monica in pursuing a claim for substandard care. As a result of her negligent treatment and the severity of her on-going symptoms, Monica has been awarded in excess of £1,000,000 in compensation.

(Details which might identify our client have been changed.)

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