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Cauda Equina
Clinical Negligence and Cauda Equina Syndrome

Clinical Negligence and Cauda Equina Syndrome

Cauda equina syndrome is a regular focus of clinical or medical negligence compensation claims. The long-term impact on a patient whose diagnosis and surgery has been delayed can be utterly life-changing and a successful compensation claim can help to deal with the appalling symptoms.

A medical emergency

The key to a positive outcome for a patient who is developing cauda equina syndrome is to undergo decompression of the cauda equina nerves before they lose bladder sensation and control. Once bladder function has been lost, the patient may be diagnosed as having complete cauda equina syndrome and surgery may not improve their symptoms.

It is imperative, therefore, that diagnosis and surgery are achieved at as early a stage of the development of the condition as is possible.

Delays and possible negligence can occur for a number of reasons during the period from first experience of symptoms through to the outcome of surgery.

Examples of negligence

  • A failure on the part of a medical professional to recognise the possible symptoms of cauda equina compression can leave the patient to deteriorate and suffer a poor outcome.
  • A failure to test a patient with lower back and leg pain for symptoms indicative of cauda equina syndrome may mean that the condition is missed until it is too late.
  • A failure to make a referral for an emergency MRI scan for a patient with symptoms of cauda equina compression will delay the diagnosis.
  • A failure to warn a patient with lower back and leg pain of the red flag symptoms of cauda equina syndrome and the need for immediate attendance at hospital may be regarded as negligent.
  • A failure on the part of the relevant hospital to organise an MRI scan once a referral has been made will delay diagnosis and may be considered to be negligent.
  • A delay in organising decompression surgery once diagnosis has been achieved may also be regarded as negligent and allow the patient to suffer a deterioration in symptoms prior to surgery.

Making a compensation claim

If the patient subsequently suffers significant long-term symptoms as a result of the delay in their care, it may be appropriate to make a claim for compensation.

Getting the support of an experienced medical negligence solicitor is essential for this highly-specialised area of law. They will assess your medical records in order to consider whether or not you have been the victim of medical negligence and whether it would be advisable to pursue a claim.

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