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Claiming Compensation for Sensation Losses due to Cauda Equina Syndrome

Claiming Compensation for Sensation Losses due to Cauda Equina Syndrome

The loss of sensation in the lower body associated with cauda equina syndrome can present the patient with a wide variety of difficulties on a daily basis. Where such loss of function is due to medical negligence, it might be appropriate to make a claim for compensation.

Loss of sensation in cauda equina syndrome

If a person's awareness of sensation in much of the lower body is lost due to compression of the cauda equina nerves, the extent of the possible impact is shocking. It can include the following distressing and debilitating effects:

  • The loss of sensation around the anus may mean that the person is unaware that they are leaking faeces due to loss of control
  • The loss of sensation in the bladder, combined with loss of control can mean that the person suffers incontinence of urine without even being aware that they need to urinate
  • The loss of sexual sensation can impact significantly on a person's experience of sexual intercourse

A timely diagnosis

The key to avoiding such devastating physical effects is for a person with cauda equina syndrome to receive a diagnosis as promptly as possible. Medical professionals should have a high suspicion of the possibility of cauda equina syndrome in a patient with lower back and leg pain in order to ensure that any additional symptoms indicative of the condition are not missed.

A prompt diagnosis and surgery can alleviate the compression and improve the patient's long-term outcome. However, this desired course does not always occur and the patient can be failed in a number of ways:

  • If the medical professional fails to carry out a thorough assessment, red flag symptoms, such as altered sensation in the saddle area or altered urinary flow, may be missed
  • Lack of understanding of the red flag symptoms can mean that the patient is not referred for an MRI scan as promptly as necessary
  • A misdiagnosis of symptoms may mean that the real cause of the patient's symptoms is not investigated
  • A failure to warn the patient of the red flag symptoms of cauda equina syndrome can mean that the patients does not attend Accident and Emergency as a matter of emergency if those symptoms develop

Medical negligence

It may be that a patient develops cauda equina dysfunction suddenly and there is no opportunity for an early diagnosis. It may be that a patient delays seeing their medical professional about their symptoms and the opportunity is again missed.

However, if a patient suffers long-term physical disability through cauda equina syndrome because their medical professional failed in their response to the possible symptoms at an early stage, it may be appropriate to make a claim for compensation.

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