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Cauda Equina
Cauda Equina Syndrome: Reasons for a Medico-Legal Claim

Cauda Equina Syndrome: Reasons for a Medico-Legal Claim

It is not unusual for cauda equina syndrome to lead to a medico-legal claim. This may seem strange, as it is often described as a rare condition.

Cauda equina disabilities

Nevertheless, it is one that medical practitioners can fail to diagnose and treat. This results in a devastating outcome for the patient, as cauda equina syndrome requires immediate surgical decompression. Without it, the nerves in the lower back will become severely injured, causing permanent disabilities.

These disabilities can include: incontinence of urine, incontinence of faeces, sexual dysfunction, weakness and numbness in the legs/feet, and being unable to walk unaided.

What amounts to cauda equina negligence?

A patient will often see a variety of clinicians during the diagnosis and treatment of their cauda equina, such as GPs, A&E doctors, radiologists, orthopaedic/neurosurgical specialists and out-of-hours services.

Mistakes can arise in any of these medical settings, including:

  • Failure of a GP to refer a patient to hospital
  • Failure of A&E physicians to recognise nerve compression
  • Failure of A&E physicians to examine the patient properly
  • Failure in communication between medical practitioners
  • Failure of nursing staff to recognise a deterioration in the patient's symptoms while they are on the ward
  • Failure of radiologist to detect cauda equina compression or report findings urgently
  • Inadequate examination by orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon or other specialist
  • Failure to act on an emergency basis
  • Failure to understand and treat the underlying cause of the condition

Can I make a claim for cauda equina syndrome?

If you have been left with cauda equina disabilities and you want to know whether you can make a claim, you need to talk to a medical negligence solicitor.

After you have explained what happened to you, a solicitor can say whether you are eligible to make a claim. You have to be able to prove two things to make a medical negligence claim: that you have received a substandard level of care, and that this has caused you to suffer harm.

If you have grounds to make a claim, the solicitor can open the file and will pursue the claim on your behalf. A successful claim will see that you are properly compensated for your physical, emotional and financial damages.

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