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Suing for 3rd Degree Tear Negligence

Suing for 3rd Degree Tear Negligence

If you suffered a third degree tear during the course of your baby's birth, a prompt, accurate and thorough medical response was necessary. If your medical professionals failed to recognise or act on your injury, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Third degree tear damage

A third degree tear can be absolutely devastating in its long-term effects if it is not repaired competently shortly after the birth of the baby.

Depending on the extent of the tear, a third degree tear can cause increasingly severe damage to the woman's anal sphincter muscles and cause her to become anally incontinent.

Third degree tears are assessed and classified according to how much damage they cause:

  • A 3a tear will damage up to 50% of the woman's external anal sphincter
  • A 3b tear will damage more than 50% of the woman's external anal sphincter
  • A 3c tear will additionally damage the woman's internal anal sphincter

On-going symptoms

The potential for permanent symptoms associated with these injuries can increase alongside the severity of the injury and a woman who has suffered a 3c tear may find that she becomes incontinent of both wind and faeces. This means that she may have significant problems in trying to control the passing of wind and faeces and may, in fact, lose control of her bowel completely.

The impact of this on the woman's life can be considerable, restricting her capacity to work, socialise, travel and raise her children. The ongoing financial, physical and psychological impact can be significant.

Medical negligence

A failure by medical professionals to diagnose such a severe injury may be regarded as substandard care. When such failings leave the woman with long-term problems, it may be appropriate to make a compensation claim.

Medical negligence related to third degree tears can take a variety of forms:

  • Failure to recognise and diagnose the injury at all
  • Misdiagnosis of a 3c tear as a lesser 3rd degree tear
  • Diagnosis of a 3rd degree tear as a 2nd degree tear
  • Failure to repair a third degree tear to an acceptable standard, leaving the woman with on-going physical symptoms

All these scenarios are likely to leave the woman with a lifetime of bowel problems and can cause increasing depression and isolation. A successful compensation claim can help a woman to deal with some of the problems she faces on a daily basis.

Making a compensation claim

If you have suffered the appalling effects of a misdiagnosed or undiagnosed 3rd degree tear, you should seek specialist and experienced legal advice.

We have supported numerous women over many years in making highly successful compensation claims.

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"Before we contacted you we had no real idea that we had grounds for a medical negligence claim but after speaking to you if became clear that Wendy was indeed treated poorly. Chris took the time to explain what was happening and kept us to speed. Our deepest gratitude to you all and Chris in particular."

"I would like to say a big thank you to you for making this whole process easy and relatively painless. You kept me informed throughout and you were always polite and courteous in all forms of communication. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family, so a really big thank you and I wish you all the best in the future."

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