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Compensation for Bowel Problems after Forceps Birth

Compensation for Bowel Problems after Forceps Birth

If you are struggling with the appalling effects of a 3rd or 4th degree tear following the instrumental birth of your baby, it might be appropriate to make a claim for compensation.

Severe birth tears

A third or fourth degree tear during vaginal childbirth is not uncommon. Around 5% of new mothers are thought to suffer this unpleasant injury. Any such damage needs to be diagnosed as promptly as possible in order to ensure a timely repair and the recovery of bowel function by the woman affected.

A failure to diagnose a severe perineal tear after the birth of a baby may leave the new mother with an array of highly-unpleasant and debilitating symptoms including the following:

  • Incontinence of wind
  • Incontinence of faeces
  • Extreme urgency when needing to go to the toilet
  • Leakage of wind or faeces from the vagina
  • Perineal infections

Instrumental delivery and perineal trauma

An instrumental delivery is a risk factor in severe perineal tears, especially when the instrument of choice is forceps rather than a ventouse. A new mother undergoing a forceps delivery requires particularly scrupulous care, therefore, to try to prevent any anal damage occurring.

  • An instrumental delivery increases the likelihood that you will suffer a severe birth tear
  • Medical practitioners should consider the need for an episiotomy prior to carrying out an instrumental delivery. If this is not done, the relevant medical professionals may be considered to have increased the chance that you would suffer a severe tear
  • If you have undergone an instrumental delivery, you should be very thoroughly examined following the birth. You are at a higher risk of suffering damage to your anal sphincter and you should be assessed for any such damage with a digital, rectal examination.
  • Injury to the anal sphincter during vaginal childbirth needs to be repaired in an operating theatre by a skilled and experienced practitioner shortly after the birth. A delay in carrying out a repair may leave the new mother with permanent bowel problems.

Debilitating bowel problems

Damage to the anal sphincter can cause a woman to lose control of her bowel. Not only can this be extremely embarrassing but it can also limit the woman's daily activities considerably. It may, for example, become very difficult to return to work due to the possibility of a bowel accident occurring.

The impact on a woman's personal and financial life can be considerable.

Speak to a solicitor

If your life has become restricted and your finances are suffering due to negligence relating to an anal sphincter injury, you might wish to consider making a claim for compensation.

A successful compensation claim can compensate you for your pain and suffering as well as past and future financial losses associated with the effects of the negligence.

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