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Compensating Poor Quality of Life due to Birth Tear Misdiagnosis

Compensating Poor Quality of Life due to Birth Tear Misdiagnosis

Reliable bowel function can be fundamental to feeling confident and able to live life to the full. Loss of bowel function can be devastating. Where medical negligence is at fault, it may be appropriate to make a claim for compensation.

Birth tears and bowel dysfunction

Many of us are fortunate enough to take our bowel function for granted. We may rarely think about how we would feel and how our lives may change if we lost that automatic and reliable bodily function. For some women, however, the loss of bowel control and the experience of urgency and incontinence are a distressing part of everyday life.

Severe birth tears, often called 3rd or 4th degree tears, occur to approximately 5% of women giving birth through the vagina. Prompt and accurate diagnosis is essential to ensuring that an effective surgical repair is carried out. Without this, bowel symptoms may become permanent.

A combination of both physical and emotional effects can cause a significant reduction in a woman's quality of life at precisely the time when she needs to feel able to support her new baby.

The on-going impact of an unrepaired tear

As well as the practical impact of needing rapid access to a toilet, or adjusting to life with a stoma, the woman may well find that the psychological impact is debilitating.

Sadly, many women who suffer the effects of an undiagnosed severe birth tear feel reluctant to leave their home due to the fear of bowel accidents. They may feel unable to work, their previous form of employment may no longer be possible and their social network may become restricted. Many need support in bringing up their child and some find that their closest relationships suffer.

The impact of these severe injuries, especially where they go unrepaired, is not always understood or discussed, adding to the feeling of isolation.

A successful compensation claim can make a significant impact, enabling the new mother to address some of the issues which have caused distress such as a loss of income due to employment problems.

Medical negligence

Perineal tears during vaginal childbirth need to be carefully and accurately diagnosed. A failure to examine a new mother or a misdiagnosis of her injury, leading to permanent symptoms, may be regarded as substandard medical care.

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