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Professional Negligence

If a solicitor has provided you with a substandard service, causing you to suffer injury or loss, you could be entitled to pursue a professional negligence claim. To find out more, you need to speak to a lawyer today.

Professional negligence claims

All professionals owe their customers and clients a duty of care. This means the service provided must be of a standard expected from a reasonably competent professional in that field.

If the standard falls below what is considered reasonable, the professional will have breached their duty of care. If this breach causes a customer or client to suffer injury (which can include financial loss) there will be grounds for a professional negligence claim.

Legal action can be taken against any negligent professional, with claims against solicitors being amongst the most common.

Claiming against a solicitor

If a solicitor fails to provide a reasonable service, it could potentially cost a client a lot of money and will undoubtedly lead to significant emotional distress.

If this has happened to you, you need to find out what options are available to you, as you could be entitled to compensation.

We appreciate that the thought of suing someone within the legal profession can seem daunting. However, you must remember that all solicitors owe their clients a duty of care. If they fail to meet this duty, causing you harm, you will have a strong basis for a professional negligence claim.

To find out more, you need to speak to a legal team which specialises in pursuing professional negligence claims against solicitors.

Expert legal advice

At Glynns Solicitors, we are able to help those who have suffered substandard care from clinical negligence and personal injury lawyers. Typical examples of solicitors' negligence include:-

  • Missing deadlines
  • Under-settling a claim
  • Dishonesty
  • Mistakes in legal documents
  • Failing to provide reasonable advice

If you believe your personal injury or clinical negligence lawyer has acted negligently, and this has caused you financial loss, please get in touch with us today. We will put you through to a solicitor that specialises in this area of the law, helping you understand what action to take next. If we suspect you have a case that needs investigating, we will assist you throughout the professional negligence claims process, ensuring you obtain the financial redress you deserve.

For more information about suing your personal injury or clinical negligence solicitor, please get in touch today.

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